Core Values

Respect                     for clients, vendors & trade partners, employees, professional work 
                                             associates, partners, business practices, natural environment

Develop trust            through the continued evidence of honesty and integrity

Teamwork (Team Concept)   forming a partnership between the client, the design team,
                                             and the builder

Customer focused   provide value by educating the customer on the design and building
                                    easy, enjoyable home building process that saves time and money

Building the long-term relationship    listening and understanding; 
                                    by thinking long-term, better decisions are made; 
                                    understanding and establishing expectations;
                                    if we aren’t friends at the end of the job, we have failed

Do the right thing     exhibit character in our business dealings

Accountable              for our actions and our results

Attitude                       be positive, upbeat and have fun


Core Competencies

Continuous improvement     in business practices, processes, quality, education,
                                                         relationships, self

Communication                       listening, keep the client involved, educate the client on the

Planning                                     bias towards action and execution

Professional and organized   manage the process efficiently, attention to detail