Design / Build Team

We offer our clients a comprehensive process in which the client, our design partner, and the builder form a team to work closely together to take the design from concept to completed construction plans and finish selections.  Your budget is determined early and monitored as the design progresses.  You avoid the risk of spending money, time and emotional energy on plans that are over your budget when priced the traditional way: after the plans, without any builder input, are completed.

During the schematic design phase and the design development phase, Jeff Sowder Incorporated will provide input on building assemblies, materials, products, budget, and functionality.  This pre-construction service is a key component in managing the balance and creativity of each design, with a clear perspective on how each detail relates to the vision of the design team and the client.  We find this process to be fun and rewarding for all participants, creating a foundation for the project team to move forward into the building phase.

Clients find that their homes will reach the construction phase more quickly because we are working with the design partner during the design phase providing budget feedback and addressing constructability and material selection issues.  Timely feedback allows the design partner to modify the design as required to meet the client’s budget goals.

The benefits of the design / build process include:

  • time savings throughout the process: client’s time, design time, and construction time
  • cost savings: design and construction
  • budget-focused design
  • simplified team communication
  • enhanced design-to-construction coordination
  • consistency and continuity of service from design to construction
  • team concept eliminates potential adversarial relationships
  • process allows time to develop relationship with builder before construction starts

For more information on the design / build process, request our free report titled ‘The Design / Build Team Advantage’.