It has been almost a year since we moved into our new home and I wanted to write to express how pleased we are with our new home. We were neophytes in the home construction process and we appreciate you “holding our hands” and walking us through every phase of the operation. You patiently answered our questions and addressed our concerns during the entire pre-construction and construction phases. You have continued to respond readily to any minor concerns we have encountered since we moved into our home. I found it very easy and unintimidating to work with you. I also must say that I found all of your subcontractors to be very industrious and reliable people. You made every effort to address any questions or concerns that we had during the construction process.

At one time I had considered being the general contractor myself and I can say of all the unwise things I have done in my lifetime that probably would have been the most unwise. I could never have handled all the intimate details and coordination of all the different subcontractors and processes that went on during the building of our house. I was continually amazed at how organized and on schedule you were during the construction process.

If we ever build again (which I hope not because you built us the perfect home), I would not hesitate to make you the number one choice for building the house. If anyone contemplating using you for a general contractor asks for a reference, I will be more than happy to speak to them and recommend you with the highest praise.


Jeff Sowder was the builder of my new home. The quality of construction was excellent. I could always count on Jeff to ‘do it right’ without my input. Jeff wants a new home he constructs built correctly just as much as any of his clients.

Among builders, Jeff is at the top of the integrity scale. This is not to be taken for granted as anyone who has owned a new home or built a custom home understands. Jeff intends to be honest and fair so the results are pleasing.

Jeff is responsive. A lot of builders would rather maintain their routine than respond to the unique requests of their clients. Jeff is truly a custom builder who hits the sweet spot between customer input and tactful suggestions of what will work. Jeff will advise you of the associated pros and cons of any alternative. When Jeff speaks, wise homeowners listen.

Jeff is a Civil Engineer by training. While not absolutely essential to the construction of fine homes, Jeff displays the discipline and methodical approach characteristic of the training engineers receive. It doesn’t hurt to have an engineer on your side.

Among Roanoke Valley builders, the information available to me before and after construction of my home indicates that Jeff Sowder Incorporated is one of the best builders in Roanoke. Doubtless, there are other viable builders, but I have difficulty imagining who among them I would choose over Jeff Sowder.


Jeff Sowder Incorporated built my home designed by Glenn Reynolds, AIA. I think he did an outstanding job. He was very meticulous about budgets, details, and record keeping. He maintained the schedule much better than stories I hear about other custom homes in our area. People marvel at how my home could have been built on a one year schedule when others of similar size are taking two and more years. I don’t think it could have been better built.

Jeff delivered on what he promised. We had frequent and clear communication during the process which was refreshing. I feel the quality was outstanding as well. In five years I have had little to no warranty items.


We wanted to say thanks for a great home. We feel very lucky to have had you as the builder of our home. You do excellent work, pay attention to detail, and are a man of your word. These days it’s hard to find any one in any business with these qualities. I guess that’s what gives you such a great reputation. Believe me we will recommend you to everyone we can.


Jeff is extremely organized. He allowed me plenty of time to decide on items such as light and plumbing fixtures. He has always been very accessible and responsive. He promptly returns phone calls.
Jeff is very good at intervening to try and resolve any issues that come up. He is very professional and client-centered. Jeff delivers when it comes to quality. Even 1-1/2 years later, he will assist us in any way he can. That really says something about his integrity.

We never had to worry for a minute that Jeff would not take care of something if there was an issue. He is very honest and efficient. He uses great discretion in selecting subcontractors because he expects a higher level of workmanship and expertise. He made sure our expectations were met by everyone.

He is the epitome of customer service excellence. We are so thankful that we had Jeff Sowder Incorporated build our dream home.


I never had a second thought that what I was being told was untrue. There was a real peace of mind that he would stand by his word.


We really appreciated Jeff’s follow up and attention to detail.


Thank you, Jeff, for a wonderful home. You have done an outstanding job building our home. We would recommend your services to anyone who wanted to build a custom home. The process was painless and a pleasure. We are truly pleased with the home.


Jeff is extremely organized and very helpful.


Our experience with Jeff Sowder Incorporated was exceptional. His attention to detail and timely response to homeowner requests and issues are a customer service benchmark. Honesty and integrity are evident in his work ethic. We found his subcontractors committed to quality craftsmanship and took great pride in their work. It is without reservation that we would recommend Jeff Sowder Incorporated to someone considering a custom home. We will definitely use Jeff Sowder should we build again.


No surprises, quality subcontractors and craftsmanship, and on budget. We would not hesitate to have Jeff Sowder Incorporated build another home for us in the future.


Our experience building with Jeff Sowder Incorporated was a good one. We were pleased with the value received. Jeff’s personal service was excellent. He promptly returns phone calls. He is committed to getting things right. Lots of good vibes from this house. It’s a nice one.


Jeff went out of his way to stay in touch and let me know what I needed to do and when it needed to be completed. Jeff did all he could to accommodate our wishes and turn our dreams into reality.


Jeff goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and insists on weekly meetings to communicate. Any time you have a question regarding anything with your new home, Jeff and his subcontractors are there to walk you through whatever you have on your mind.


We want to thank you for building us such a wonderful home. Thank you for being so nice to ‘custom home first-timers’ as we were.


Words cannot express how much we appreciate the wonderful job you have done on our home. We consider you a friend and we wish you much success.


We want to thank you for all of the planning and time you put into building our home. We love it and look forward to many years living in it. We will certainly give your name to others that want to build a custom home.


We love our home. Thanks for all the hard work. It was certainly our pleasure to work with you.