Custom Build 

If you are working on design plans now

If you are already working with an architect or designer on a custom home design, or have plans from other sources, I encourage you to contact us to set up an interview to get acquainted. We enjoy participating in the design process, and can offer insights into design decisions that impact costs and buildability.

By including us early in the design process, we can prepare budgets so you know where you stand financially. The earlier we are involved, the earlier we can provide positive impact on your project. Only after we have a good relationship and are comfortable with each other and your budget would we move to the next step, a contract to build your home.


If you have completed design plans now

If you have completed building plans, let’s meet to discuss your project and see how we can serve you with your construction needs. With our detailed Plan Analysis, we can review your plans and determine if any additional information is needed to provide a comprehensive pricing proposal.